EDL and APTICO Laminates

At EDL, we believe that beautiful spaces start with beautiful materials. As specialists in high pressure laminates (HPL), we create quality materials that enable our discerning clientele to bring their visions to life. With a keen eye for quality and innovation, we curate a diverse range of high-pressure laminates that redefine spaces and inspire creativity.

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Large 10ft Size

Crafted in Italy and Portugal, EDL laminates offer a seamless canvas for your designs with their expansive 10ft (3050mm) size format. Embrace reduced joins, exquisite designs, and uncompromising quality in every inch of our products.

Natural Wood Textures

Experience the authentic charm of wood with EDL laminates, meticulously designed to replicate natural textures and finishes. Unlike the rest, our laminates boast a sophisticated matte look that mirrors the genuine warmth of wood, leaving behind the plastic-like shine.

Aptico. Made in Austria.

Low light reflectivity due to an ultra-matt finish, a warm satin texture and anti-fingerprint properties are all part of its unique patented surface technology.

Aptico is highly resistant to wear and tear, using leading thermal repair technology to remove superficial micro-scratches. The material is as durable as it is luxurious.