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Medieval scribes left involuntary small marks as they finished each trace with their quills and brushes, which would end up becoming an essential ornamental part of their letters: this is how the Serif typography came into being. Its influence is still felt today inspiring not only typographers but also industrial designers such as Frank Person who has used the influence of the small lines that decorate the Serif letters to create the Quart collection of knobs and handles with a timeless essence.

Quart Big is an exceptional accessory from the line of models in which it belongs, and its mere presence improves the image of the kitchen furniture or vintage buffet furniture onto which it is fitted. Its rustic linear design acquires a modern touch thanks to its three finishes of cava colored brushed brass, rustic brass and matt black, all of which allow you to create a modern ambience using vintage shapes. Quart Big combines perfectly with colonial style furniture and interiors that require a combination of handles and knobs that add personality to their surroundings. The author of the design, Frank Person, highlights the stability and harmony that the collection transmits thanks to the square foot and rounded edges onto which each piece is built.

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